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Sharing our spaces, combining our fatigue, passing on our passions, confusing our memories“. Vincent Cespédes

Transforming the essential act of eating into a moment of pleasure, as unique as it is fleeting.
Recreating this moment every day with the same attentions.

Bringing out the best in the produce of a land that refuses to ever replicate them
exactly. Inventing, experimenting, and, always with the same apprehension as for the very first time, waiting for the return of the dish that has left the kitchen for the dining room as an offering.

This dish, round like the Earth, round like the cycles of the seasons, round like life itself: André Jeunet passed on his passion for the dish to his son Jean-Paul.

Today Jean-Paul has entrusted this passion to Steven Naessens, his right-hand man and companion in the kitchen for many years. “Maison Jeunet“ is the story of a deliberate lineage, one of creators who know that the art of cooking can only be entrusted to someone who knows what hard work is more keenly than the average man, but who also knows better than the average man the absolute happiness that this hard work can confer.

Marjorie and Steven Naessens look forward to welcoming you to "Maison Jeunet" from 5 February 2016.