My Cuisine

“Maison Jeunet“ boasts a long history and culinary experience that stretches back over several decades.
André and Jean-Paul Jeunet's emblematic dishes, such as spring chicken with "yellow" Jura wine and morel mushrooms, and fingerling potatoes with truffles, have now become some of the restaurant's cornerstone dishes.

The Jura land, with its rich and untouched natural environments, provides me with the utmost pleasure of exploration, discovery and encounters with the area's growers, breeders and producers who work with such passion and respect for their produce.

Thanks to the diversity and top quality of the Bresse poultry, Lake Geneva vendace, game, “Petit Mercey“ snails and local wild mushrooms at my disposal, I add a dash of creativity to my dishes while respecting seasonal rythms and the land itself.

Jean-Paul Jeunet has introduced me to a natural treasure chest: wild herbs, mushrooms and berries. Today, I delve into this treasure chest for inspiration when seasoning my dishes.

Pierre Casenove has accompanied me in this adventure thanks to his unique ceramic containers, each made by his own hand, creating a special link between ceramist and chef.

Every craftsman and woman who helps shape the "Maison Jeunet" restaurant is committed to providing a simple, convivial and generous dining experience, using the best of what the land has to offer us, whether it is the clay from which the plates are moulded, or the respectfully cultivated ingredients skilfully transformed by our teams in order to showcase authentic and rare flavours.