Sixth Hour*

Served at lunchtime, exept on Sunday and public holidays


Variations on Squash

Light Tansy Mousse


Shellfish Royale and Green Anise

Chervil Root and Crunchy Lamb's Lettuce Leaves


Pigeon and Cos Lettuce

Celeriac Confit with a Buttery Jus Perfumed with Chicory


Blackberries and Coriander

A Madeleine with Blueberries


or 92€ *

(*Drink included : 2 glasses of wine, coffee, half bottle of mineral water)


Cheese extra :

Cancoillotte et Vin Jaune in an Emulsion, Potatoes and Smoked Jura Ham 
10 €


 Menu served in half portion for children 31 €


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Balance Point



Red Mullet and Parsnips
Aromatic Tarragon Oil


Petit Mercey Snails with Sage
Candied "Tokyo" Turnips and Polenta with Sunflower Seeds


Scallops and Salsifies
Purée of Oyster Mushrooms and Straw Wine


Suckling Veal and Buckwheat
Canneloni of Kohlrabi and Spinach


Perfectly Ripened Regional and French Cheeses


Chocolate and Shiso
Pear Sorbet


Menu served in half portions for children € 61




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The Eighth Deadly Sin


Menu served for the whole table


Lobster and Liquorice

Served on a Bed of Jerusalem Artichokes


A Quail's Egg and Chanterelles

Brussel Sprout Terrine


Foie Gras of Duck and Toast Corn Flour

Little Gem Lettuce and Swede Spaghetti with Preserved Lemons


Molluscs and Crustaceans

Caramelised Blue Radishes and a Buttery Savagnin Jus


Dentex and Nigella

A Play on the Textures and Colours of Beetroot


Partridge and White Carrots

Pulp of Simian Watercress and Patridge Gravy perfumed with Caraway


Light Cancoillotte and Vin Jaune Mousse


Grapes and Juniper

A Play on Textures and Colours


Figs and Cardamom

Smoked Yogurt Ice Cream



Menu served in half-portions for children 76€


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An Automn Idea



Mallard served Cold and Coriander

Potatoes Various Ways


Consommé of Venison and Juniper

Mushroom Bread, Jerusalem Artichokes and Crunchy Chestnuts


Wood Pigeon with Sweetcorn

Braised Little Gem Lettuce and a Gamey Emulsion perfumed with Cardamom


Hare "Façon Royale"

Root Parsley and Fresh Walnuts


Perfectly Ripened Regional and French Cheeses


Apples and Quinces

Muscovado Shortbread and a Granny Smith Emulsion



Menu served in half-portions for children 66€


book pdf

"À la Carte" Menu

Cold Starters

Red Mullet and Tarragon
Confit in an Aromatic Oil
Creamy Parsnip Mousse  - 45,00€

Brittany Blue Lobster, Jerusalem Artichokes and Liquorice
Served Cold with a Toasted "Sponge" Biscuit
Chestnuts Purée  - 48,00€

A Quail's Eggs, Brussel Sprounts and Chanterelles
In a Vegetable Terrine
Crispy Pancetta - 39,00€

Mallard, Patatoes and Coriander
In a Salad, Shavings of Smoked Foie Gras
Game Vinaigrette - 44,00€


Hot Starters

Petit Mercey Snails, Turnips and Sage
Polenta with Sunflower Seeds,
Light, Smooth Cep Cream - 45,00€

Duck Foie Gras, Little Gem Lettuce and Toasted Corn Flour
Infused with Forest Pepper and Pan-Fried,
Swede Salad with Preserved Lemons - 48,00€


Fish and Shellfish

Molluscs and Crustaceans, Samphire
Caramelised Blue Radishes, Borage
Buttery Savagnin Jus- 48,00€

Dentex, Beetroot and nigella
Smooth purée of Red Lentils
Surf and Turf Jus - 50,00€

Scallops, Salsifies and Straw Wine
Grilled with Rape Oil and a Purée of Oyster Mushrooms
Aromatique Dill Vinaigrette - 49,00€


Meat and Poultry

Bresse Chicken, Morel Mushrooms and Vin Jaune
Prepared Two Ways: Thigh Stuffed with Morels,
Scored Wing with White Liver and Massala,
Variations on Celeriac and Tarragon - 57,00€

Partridge, White Carrots, Simian Watercress
Roasted Breast, Drummette Confit
Thigh in terrine with White Carrots and Caraway - 54,00€

Suckling veal chop, Kohlrabi and Buckwheat
Cooked Rare, Beef Marrow on Toast,
Red Wine and Forest Pepper Jus - 56,00€

Hare "Façon Royale"
Accompagnied by Root parsley and Frech Walnuts
Roast Saddle and Buttery Hare Gravy - 57,00€



Cancoillotte and Vin Jaune
In an Emulsion, Potatoes and Smoked Jura Ham - 17,00€

Perfectly Ripened Regional and French Cheeses - 18,00€


Sweet Sentiments

Grapes And Juniper
A Play of Textures and Colors - 21,00€

Figs and Cardamom
In Layered Textures - 21,00€

Chocolate and Pear
In a Gourmet Casked Seasoned with Shiso - 21,00€

book gifts pdf