Sixth Hour*

Served at lunchtime, exept on Sunday and public holidays


Squash Variations

 sweet onions and Macadamia nuts 


Stuffed Squid and Chanterelles 

 endives braised  in Savagnin 


Shoulder of Veal and Salsifies

polenta with caramelised leeks  and a juniper jus     


Clementine and Vin Jaune

sweet dumpling pumpkin sorbet and a madeleine biscuit with pepitas  


€  62 
Menu served in half portions for children € 31 


or € 92

Drink included : 2 glasses of wine, a coffee, half a bottle of mineral water

or at € 45

Veal Cheeks and Orange Dessert



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Balance Point



Cod and Smoked Yoghurt
 Kohlrabi Ravioli and Black Chanterelle Mushrooms


Wild Boar and Juniper
Glazed Yellow Beet and Grey Shallots


Scallops and Sucrine Lettuce
Green Mango Pulp


Miéral Guinea Fowl and Kale
Chinese Artichokes and a Buttery Jus


Comté and Blue Radish
with various textures and  ripening 


Quince and Allspice
Roasted Almond Shortbread


€ 122

Menu served in half portions for children € 61




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The Eighth Deadly Sin


Menu served for the whole table


Kohlrabi and Smoked Yoghurt


Parsley Root
Pressed in Vin Jaune



Sucrine Lettuce and Golden Ball Turnips


Wild Boar
Yellow Beet and a Juniper Jus


Line-Caught Pollack
Salsifies and Oyster Mushrooms


Miéral Guinea Fowl
Kale and Cardamom Milk


Light Cancoillotte and Jesus de Morteau


pepper of Jamaica emulsion 


in layers with grapes


€ 152 

Menu served in half-portions for children € 76


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"À la Carte" Menu

Cold Starters

Cod and Smoked Yoghurt
         Served Cold, Kohlrabi Ravioli and Black                              Chanterelle Mushrooms             43,00€


         Parsley Root and Quail Eggs
                  Pressed with Vin Jaune and Black                    "Melanosporum" Truffles       47,00€


Hot Starter

Wild Boar and Juniper
Glazed Yellow Beet
              Compote of Grey Shallots


Fish and Shellfish

         Line-Caught Pollack and Salsifies
         Oyster Mushrooms Aromatic Aniseed Oil  53,00€


Scallops and Sucrine Lettuce
                       Golden Ball Turnips                                         
Green Mango Pulp


Meat and Poultry

Bresse Chicken from the Roussel-Voisard Farm
celeriac and tarragon creamy sauce with Vin Jaune and morels             59,00€


Miéral Guinea Fowl and Cardamom
      Chinese Artichokes and a Buttery Jus


                             Hare "à la Royale"                                                          jerusalem artichokes and chesnuts                                            in a warm salad            58,00€



Light Cancoillotte and Jesus de Morteau    17,00 €


Comté and Blue Radish
                      in various textures and ripening      17,00 €


Sweet Sentiments

Chocolate and Grapes
                                    in creamy layers                                22,00€


   Quince and Allspice
                     Roasted Almond Shortbread           22,00€

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