Sixth Hour*

Served at lunchtime, exept on Sunday and public holidays


Variations on Petits Pois and Campion

Royale and Galangal Shortbread


Broad Whitefish and Burnet

Red and White Radishes with Turnip Rape Oil


Saddle of Lamb with Beans

New Garlic Crisps and a Black Olive Jus


Rhubarb and Sarawak Pepper

On a Diamond Shortbread with Vanilla Ice-Cream


or 92€ *

(*Drink included : 2 glasses of wine, coffee, half bottle of mineral water)


Cheese extra :

Cancoillotte et Vin Jaune in an Emulsion, Potatoes and Smoked Jura Ham 
10 €


 Menu served in half portion for children 31 €


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Balance Point



Fera Whitefish and Mountain Thyme
Glazed Fennel and Smoked Yoghurt Cream


Snails and Kohirabi
Spinach Shoots and a Liquorice Duck jus


Baby Monkfish and Ginger
Celeriac with Lemon Oil, Black-Bottom Bacon and Parsley


Semi-Wild Ducking and Baby Leeks
Basil Milk and Comté Cheese Shortbread


Perfectly Ripened Regional and French Cheeses


Rhubard and Sarawak Pepper
On a Diamond shortbread with Vanilla Ice-Cream


Menu served in half portions for children € 61




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The Eighth Deadly Sin


Menu served for the whole table


Tomato and Hogweed

In a Play of Colours and Textures


Poached Foie Gras of Duck with Danané Pepper

Baby Globe Artichokes and Purslane Shoots


Snails and Kohlrabi

Spinach Shoots and a Liquorice Duck Jus


Blue Lobster and Hyssop

Glazed Radishes and Cannelloni of Cuttlefish Filets


Turbot and Fresh Almonds

Quinoa With Green Olives and a Toasted Fumet with Oregano


Beef and Turnips

Cooked Rare and Gnocchi à la Parisienne with Salad Burnet


Emulsion of Cancoillotte and Vin Jaune


Strawberry and Buckwheat

Gourmet Flavours


Chocolate and Meadowsweet

In a Crispy Tube of Cherries



Menu served in half-portions for children 76€


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"À la Carte" Menu

Cold Starters

Fera Whitefish, fennel and Mountain Thyme
A Pine-Smoked Filet
Jelly of Perwinkles and Fresh Almonds  - 43,00€

Foie Gras of Duck, and Baby Globe Artichokes and Danané Pepper
Poached in a Barigoule Jus with Oregano
Grilles Oyster Mushrooms, Crispy Artichokes ans Purslane Shoots   - 45,00€

Tomato, Ccumber and Hogweed
In Compressed Colours, with a Rich toasted Biscuit
Vinaigrette Using Alexis Munoz's Equilibrium Olive Oil - 39,00€


Hot Starters

Snails from Petit Mercey, with Kohlrabi
Spinach and Goosefoot in Different Textures,
with a Liquorice Duck Jus - 45,00€

Crispy Scampi, Aubergines and Dill
with Ginger Butter and a Pulp of Roasted garlic
In a Shellfish Jus with Dill Seeds - 62,00€


Fish and Shellfish

Brittany Blue Lobster Two Ways
Slow-Cooked Tail, with Hyssop and Glazed Radishes
Royale of Claws and Coriander Coral Cream - 85,00€

Baby Monkfish, Celeriac and Ginger
with Lemon Oil and Black-Bottom Bacon with Chanterelles
Baby Onions and a Parsley Jus - 47,00€

Turbot, Fresh Almond and Oregano
Quinoa with Green Olives and Courgettes,        
Mustard Shoots and Toasted Fumet - 49,00€


Meat and Poultry

Bresse Chicken, Morel Mushrooms and Vin Jaune
Prepared Two Ways: Thigh Stuffed with Morels,
Scored Wing with White Liver and Massala,
Variations on Celeriac and Tarragon - 57,00€

Semi- Wild Duckling, Baby Leeks and Basil
Roast Filet, Stuffed Neck and Confit Thigh
Duck Jus Infused with Grounds of Roasted Corn - 51,00€

Thirty- day Aged Beef, Turnips and Salad Burnet
Cooked Rare, Beef Marrow on Toast,
Red Wine and Forest Pepper Jus - 56,00€



Cancoillotte and Vin Jaune
In an Emulsion, Potatoes and Smoked Jura Ham - 17,00€

Perfectly Ripened Regional and French Cheeses - 18,00€


Sweet Sentiments

Rhubarb, Vanilla and Sarawak Pepper
On a diamond Shortbread, Rhubarb in a Roll and as a Smooth Mousse,
Vanilla Ice-Cream 21,00€

Strawberry and Buckwheat
Gourmet Textures and Refreshing Tarragon - 21,00€

Chocolate and Meadowsweet
A Crispy Tube Cherry Compote and Chocolate Sorbet - 21,00€

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